AdamHHi there!

I’m Adam, a career consultant. It is my personal blog about careers, social issues, employment and other general topics. This blog is aimed towards high school and university students who are looking forward to building their careers. These students are also very curious about social and political issues being discussed. I have written about stuff like feminism, recession, and other topics that often make headlines. This blog will help them understand such important concepts and learn what role they can play in improving social, economic and political conditions.

Being a career specialist for 15 years, I have learned that personality plays a major role in choosing the career of a person. Now, there are many online tests available which can help students decide what career fits them best. This blog is a great platform for discussing important issues like a career that affects our life. I provide live chat option so that I can directly interact with my readers and provide them useful tips. Read this blog and become better informed about various issues in life.