We offer online advertising opportunities to our visitors. Your product or service must be related to the theme of this blog. We use the revenue from these ads to support running this blog.

We place ads in the right-hand column and the bottom of the page. The ads appear as banner ads of various sizes. You may provide a picture with these ads and a call to action which will direct the reader to your site. High school and university students are our primary audience. The product or service you offer must meet the demand of this kind of audience.

We practice very high ethical standards of advertising. We have the right to decline any advertising that we feel is not appropriate for our blog. Here are the types of ads we offer.

1. Banner ads


You can have banner ads of various sizes depending on your budget and area of placement. Bigger the ad, higher the price of placing the ad.

2. Guest posts


You can write for us as guest writers. You can write on topics that we usually cover and carefully put your website link inside. The link must come naturally with the content.

3. Sponsor events


We offer local group discussions and other events. You can sponsor these events and give away your company brochure or leaflet to the audiences present there.

Write to us and let us discuss your advertising options. If it is done properly, it will attract hundreds of readers to your site.