Five things you didn’t know about the meninism movement


Most people thought of meninism movement as a fad for depressed men wanting to talk about their sexual frustrations or day-to-day activities. But it’s actually about being able to express them and not feeling sorry about it. Here are five things you didn’t know about this movement.

1. They are for insecure people. The men’s rights activists are insecure. All people deserve equal rights. But this is not for what most activists are fighting. They promise men to feel better by expressing their thoughts and emotions, some of them with a meninist t shirt.

2. Meninism isn’t about men. It’s not about uplifting men but about hurting women who hurt men. The activists should focus on giving men the right to talk about being victims of domestic abuse or the right to cry when they are sad.

3. They believe feminism is about women ruling over men. But feminism is actually about gender equality. It’s about men and women to get equal rights regarding salary, type of job, freedom, etc.

4. Many feminist social accounts are opened to mock feminism. The real feminists are fighting for an equal place in the workplace, end of dominance and violence. Meninist is mocking these female activists.

5. Meninism is about anti-feminism! Meninism talks less about the men’s rights, but counter attacks the arguments that female activists make. They stand to speak against feminism.

Many activists are promoting meninism wrongly. Most seem to be expressing their anger on female activists through their meninism movements. But if the real meaning of meninism is preserved, we can improve the men’s stand in this society.

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